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BAP Spring 2024 Executive Board

Alyssa Headshot - President.JPG
Alyssa Dobrischkin


Major: Accounting 

Minors: International Business & White Collar Crime

Other Involvement: West Chester's First & Accounting Society

Fun Fact: I have five cats!

Vice President
Sakina Farooq


Major: Accounting & Management

Minors: HR Management & Business Analitics

Other Involvement: Leadership consultant event coordinator for the Muslim Student Association

Fun Fact: I tore three ligaments in my ankle at the same time!

Evan Headshot - Reporting Officer.JPG
Reporting Officer
Evan Peetros 



Major: Accounting 

Minor: Finance & Business Analytics

Other Involvement: Running Club & Flag Football

Fun Fact: I have published a book on Amazon about my mental health journey titled The Unintentional Gap Year

Diana Vu



Major: Accounting & Business Analytics

Other Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee

Fun Fact: I am a first-generation student to attend college in my family

Mike Headshot - Co-Community Service.JPG
Co-Community Service
Mike Poissant



Major: Accounting

Minor: Data Analytics

Other Involvement: Tau Kappa Epsilon & Order of Omega

Fun Fact: I did voice work for an HBO project!

Maria Headshot - Co-Community Service.JPG
Co-Community Service  
Maria Houseman


Majors: Accounting and Finance

Minor: Applied Statistics

Other Involvement: LARC Tutor

Fun Fact: I am Russian and Ukranian!

Alumni Chair
Kayleigh Germino


Major: Accounting

Minor: Finance & International Business

Other Involvement: Member of Habitat for Humanity and Colleges Against Cancer, Mentor for the 2023 Ethics Case Competition

Fun Fact: My name was chosen after a song produced in 1985 that is still one of their top hits!

Tutoring Chair
John McCuen


Major: Accounting

Fun Fact: I play hockey in my free time!

Ethan Headshot - Communications Chair.JPG
Ethan Conte


Major: Accounting

Alison Headshot - Social Media Coordinator.JPG


Majors: Accounting &


Other Involvement: Alpha Phi 

Fun Fact: I have a new kitten!

Social Media Chair
Alison Lynch 

Sarah Headshot - Case Comp Director_edit
Ethics Case Competition Director
Sarah Shaner


Major: Accounting

Other Involvement: Accounting society

Fun Fact: I have had 14 teeth pulled out!

Keegan Headshot - Case Comp Assistant Di
Ethics Case Competition Assistant Director
Keegan Carter


Major: Accounting

Minor: Criminal Justice & White Collar Crime

Other Involvement: Accounting Society

Fun Fact: The freckles on my face make the constellation Big Dipper!

Member Manager
Andre Cavaliere


Major: Accounting

Minor: White Collar Crime

Other Involvement: IT Sector Analyst of WCU Investment Group 

Fun Fact: I am currently practicing Mauy Thai Martial Arts!


IMA President
Tyler Walbert



Major: Accounting

Minors: White Collar Crime & Jazz Studies

Other Involvement: Marching Band and Criterion’s Jazz Ensemble

Fun Fact: I am marching in the Rose Bowl Parade this year!

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