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Dana Miller/Communications Chair

Hi everyone! 


Welcome to WCU! Let me introduce myself, I am Dana Miller and am a current senior here with a major in Accounting and a minor in White-Collar Crimes. I am also the Communications Officer for Beta Alpha Psi. 


It’s scary starting this chapter of your lives during the crazy events going on right now, isn’t it? I am here to talk about my story with you because I had a rough start. I encourage you to read through my story as it may help you out!!! 


It was scary when I started at WCU because I am very shy and quiet! I came into West Chester in the spring of my freshman year, instead of the fall. It was hard to make friends because I didn’t get orientation or the big welcoming like everyone else did. They just threw me in and said “good luck!” It was really frustrating, but after a little bit, I got the nerve to walk into the club, Accounting Society. I sat in the corner of the room and listened to the firms coming in every week. I didn’t talk to anyone. I walked into the meeting and ran out when it was over, which I regret now. Then I heard about a position opening up on the board for the fall semester, so I signed up for an interview because I figured what could I lose? Nobody really knew who I was. Well, I went to the interview and talked to people that I saw around but never had the guts to say anything to. Surprisingly, I got the position as Treasurer and I made friends with the other board members that I still am friends with 2 years later. We went to the meetings together and we signed up for accounting classes together. (Which was a HUGE help). Then, we wanted to check out Beta Alpha Psi, so one of my friends went with me because I was scared to go by myself. My friend was very outgoing, and I was not, but she did all the talking and I made even more friends because of her. I learned more and exciting information from the firms that came in every week. I also made connections with the firms and got interviews because they already knew me. Now here I am as a senior with a club and a group of friends that I can always count on to help me through whatever I need. 


I know, I know, boring stuff. I skipped some parts, but I am just here to say that if I didn’t go out of my comfort zone and join Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi, I would never have made friends that led me to make more friends in my new-found confidence. Without them or the clubs, I would never have anyone to go to Beta Alpha Psi with or people to help me with accounting when I didn’t understand the material (it’ll happen). I would have been shy and nervous forever, which I still am, but not as much as I was. I have so many memories that I wouldn’t have made because I wouldn’t have made those friends if I didn’t push myself. 

I know this isn’t the situation you want as your first year, but joining clubs and stepping out of your comfort zone will make it so much more fun. I am here to talk to (or zoom!) if you ever need a friend or any accounting advice. I want you to have a great story to tell when you graduate. 


Thank you for reading my story, reach out to me for anything you need. 


Good luck this semester and I hope to zoom with you soon!! 


Organization Of The Week: Beta Alpha Psi

  By Evan Brooks

Financial organizations densely populate West Chester University (WCU), offering a vast wealth of financial knowledge, and a seemingly unlimited selection of networking opportunities. By attending and being a part of any one of these kinds of organizations, you add immense value to yourself. From bringing in professional speakers, to presenting real life experiences, Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is no exception to the rule.

            Anyone with a remote interest in finance, especially if you are an accounting major, should join BAP. Not only will you gain important financial knowledge, but you will have access to an expansive network of fellow students, and recruiters. They hold weekly meetings every Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. that give students the opportunity to learn, grow, and network alongside their fellow WCU students. BAP also has tutoring available, each week, on their website, which can be found below the article.

            Being a vast organization of WCU students, Beta Alpha Psi had a few of their many active members relay and share their experience and interactions within the organization.

First, is Kayla Van Bremen, current member but previous tutoring chair, communications officer, and Vice President, Bremen has been with Beta Alpha Psi for around three years. She said how she “...attributes a lot of her success to her time in BAP.” By “...given opportunities like no other and having met some of her lifelong best friends within the organization,” she suggests that fellow students join BAP, especially if you are in a financial or accounting major.

Next, is Brendan Heenan, the Co-Community Service Officer, who has been with the organization for about two years. Heenan said how his experience has been “very good,” and that he has “learned many things about accounting he would...” have not otherwise learned elsewhere.

Haley Watson, the Reporting Officer, has been with BAP for around three years. And Watson’s “...experience within BAP has” also “been positive.” She said that she has “...learned a lot more about the accounting field by being in…” Beta Alpha Psi.

Moving onto Joe Carlson, a member of Beta Alpha Psi, has been with the organization for about one year. Carlson said how he “...wanted to explore his major, meet with fellow classmates, and connect with professionals in his future field.” His experience in BAP has been not only “excellent” but also “very helpful.”

Nick Pellegrino, a BAP candidate, is new to the organization having joined this semester. Pellegrino, said he “...wanted to become more involved in his field of study and be connected with individuals who are also passionate about accounting and finance.” He continued, saying how “although this was his first week with the organization, everyone has been very kind and welcoming…” making it easy for him to join.

Next, is Juliet Scarlota, the social media chair, is also in their first semester with Beta Alpha Psi. Scarlota said how the “...organization is handling the pandemic extremely well” keeping “...everyone engaged and always…” hosting meetings and events for students to attend. Scarlota said that joining “...has helped them break out of their shell, and they have already met such amazing people…” furthering the point that joining BAP is a great decision.

Maria Garibaldi, a member in the organization, is in her first semester with BAP also. Garibaldi said how “she was really interested in the networking opportunities” and that “it’s really cool to hear from people from different parts of the accounting and finance world.” Her experience so far has been “very positive and informational.”

Lastly, Benjamin Scott, the current Vice President, has been in Beta Alpha Psi for around two years. Scott said he has “...had an amazing experience at BAP,” meeting a lot of new faces, and being allowed the opportunity “ serve in multiple leadership positions….”

Beta Alpha Psi is a unique and lively organization, that allows room for personal growth and opportunities to make friends. BAP allows students to network and possibly be recruited for a job or internship, all while providing the tools to expand your knowledge along the way. It would be a gross understatement to say you should join this organization, due to the height of its rewards that it grants those that attend.


Ramconnect Page-

BAP Website-


Academic Makeup (Of Those Included In This Article):

Majors (5)- Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economics, International Business,

Minors (2)- White Collar Crime, Digital Marketing,


Evan Brooks is a third-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civil and Professional Leadership

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